Telling the maternal grandparents

My parents knew that the RE’s office wanted us to take a pregnancy test on Friday, so despite the fact that they were traveling via RV in Alaska and likely wouldn’t be near reliable cell towers, my mom wanted me to call with any news. Being the compliant excited daughter that I am, I tried calling as early as I felt it was appropriate. Sadly, the call went right to voicemail. This isn’t unheard of for my folks, who don’t always leave their cell on. I left a voicemail, pouted slightly, and moved on with my day.

We played phone tag for the remainder of the afternoon and it wasn’t until I was getting the final few minutes of sleep during my much-needed afternoon nap, that I finally got a call from my mom. She apologized about not being available and said they’d been driving through the mountains. I quickly told her our news about the positive pregnancy test. Knowing what happened with our last cycle, she asked about our level of certainty and next steps. I started to tell her how we knew for sure it was a positive result and that we’d be going for bi-weekly blood work at our RE’s office, starting on Monday, gaining momentum with my excitement, and suddenly heard a loud beep. The call had dropped right after I told her we were pregnant! AHHHH!

We eventually connected after over an hour of us both sitting on pins and needles, but I will always remember the humor in telling my parents, whose support has been so critical to both K and I these past several months, while they were traveling to the Arctic Circle.


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