Confirming the confirmed & moving forward

K just got a call from our reproductive endocrinologist’s office with our first HCG beta number: 102! A nice, normal number for a gestational parent who’s anything but. We’ll be headed to their office, bright and early every Monday and Thursday mornings for the next several weeks, then we have a couple of ultrasounds, and are released to the OB office. K scheduled our first OB visit for late September when we’re right around 10 weeks.

In my quest toward mommy-to-be perfection (I’m certain I’ll examine this further in a future blog), I have this overwhelming sense of panic about the ever-growing list of tasks we need to accomplish in the next 35 or so weeks. I’ve already scheduled us for some classes and have begun investigating others. When it comes to classes, the one I’m most nervous about is the birthing class. The last thing we need is a heterosexist, judgy environment inflicting stress on my love and little Falco. Using a similar strategy as K and I did when finding a reproductive endocrinologist who’d be respectful to our “unique situation,” I decided to reach out via email to some nurse educators at our hospital. I introduced myself, explained our identities and concerns, asked some questions and thanked them in advance for their help. Now, we wait. Worst case scenario: K and I persevere by finding our own resources and path (something we’re quite used to) and a medical provider learns something new about the gorgeous diversity in our world.

K apologizes for his lack of posting thus far. I suppose we were ambitious when we thought that his first trimester would still allow him to feel up to accomplishing even his regular tasks, let alone starting a new project like this baby blog.


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