Trans Baby Boom

When I first started searching for a supportive (online) community of other transguys who have been or want to be pregnant I didn’t expect to find much.  I was really surprised at the number of folks embarking on this journey.  I really feel like there is a trans baby boom underway! 

I came across an article about this trans baby boom by Miriam Perez who blogs at

“Within the needs of trans people in pregnancy and birth is the challenge of addressing what seems like an obvious connection: between pregnancy and femaleness. Trans people are often neglected in the arena of pregnancy and birth because of the strongly-held notion that only female-identified people experience pregnancy and birth. While not all trans people, whether they were assigned female at birth or not, can experience pregnancy (because of infertility or hysterectomy), some can and do, prompting the need for our pregnancy and birth providers to accommodate.”


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