6 Weeks 6 Days

My lovely wife has been posting up a storm and I love reading her writing.  I’ve been feeling good for the most part, and experiencing a few first trimester symptoms–fatigue, frequent urination, and a little morning sickness.

I swear, every time I walk past a urinal, I’m instantly nauseous.  And the building I work in is pretty nice and new and the men’s rooms are usually clean.  I shudder to think about less cleanly options like rest stops or gas stations.  Aggggg.

I think I could file this under pregnant man problems.


2 thoughts on “6 Weeks 6 Days

  1. Love this! Glad you are feeling well! Just a few symptoms to keep you mindful of your pregnancy =) and aww…. ugh boys bathrooms… why… why are they so bad…… That’s definitely a transgender downgrade. (being humorous here). 🙂

  2. It has to be something in urinal drains/pipes right? I’ve got a sense of smell on overdrive and they always slightly turn my stomach. Though now that I think about it, I’m not sure why I’ve been near so many urinals in my life…

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