Awkward silences

Last weekend, we took K’s grandmother out to eat for brunch to celebrate her birthday. We had previously made the decision to wait to tell her about the pregnancy until we were further along, possibly the second trimester. This left us with rather limited options to discuss during our brunch.

On the way to brunch, when we were gossiping with K’s grandma about his sister and cousin’s romantic relationships, grandma complained, “It’s looking less likely that I’ll ever be a great-grandma!” We didn’t quite know what to say and K eventually said something along the lines of, “C and I are still looking into ways to bring children into our lives, so don’t count us out yet!”

The rest of our time spent with grandma was filled with a series of incredibly awkward silences. K and I searched and searched for things to discuss that didn’t involve pregnancy, child-birth, parenting philosophies, reproductive endocrinology, etc. I knew that our lives had been saturated with details surrounding reproduction for the past several months, but until we spent time with K’s grandma over the weekend, I hadn’t realized just how inundated we had been with these details. We quite literally did nothing other than try to reproduce this spring and summer and therefore were left with very little to discuss.

I’m sure there will be plenty of time to catch her up on all of these exciting milestones and activities, but in the meantime, we continue to wait.


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