Total Fangirl Moment

I am totally geeking out. A few weeks ago, I contacted the renowned author of a book that many people use as their how-to guide when trying to conceive. I had heard that she was considering writing a book that focuses on transgender pregnancy and families. When I contacted her using the generic email address listed on her website, I told her about us, mentioned that K is in his first trimester, and thanked her for her inclusive conception book, which we’ve used almost exclusively throughout our journey. I also mentioned that I was very interested in her new project and that K and I would love to be involved in any way we could. I pressed send, doubting anything would ever come of it.

Yesterday, while I was in the middle of a harried, stressful work project, I took a moment to check my personal email. To my surprise, my inbox contained a reply from the author’s actual email address. To my even larger surprise, she was completely receptive to my previous offer for involvement! She wrote:

I am so happy for you guys that you are having a baby! That is fantastic! I am finally getting to writing the transgender pregnancy book so your timing is excellent! I have loads of questions for you guys. I am going  away for two weeks and will return at the end of the month. Let’s be in touch then. I am sorry that it took a while for your email to get to me. This is my personal email so feel free to use this one in the future.

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I only allowed myself to indulge my fangirl impulses for a few moments before hurriedly turning my attention back to my work project.

Even now, I am still stoked by her reply, mostly because it allows K and I an opportunity to do something that was one inspiration of our blog: to help other transgender people and their partners learn more about becoming gestational parents and using what’s available to them to create the families of their dreams. When we first started on our path toward conception, we found very few, albeit warm, open and helpful, transgender guys who’ve given birth to their kids, and even fewer written resources. Knowing that something of that sort could be on the horizon and that we could actually play a role in helping to make it a reality is nothing short of miraculous to us.


2 thoughts on “Total Fangirl Moment

  1. That is awesome! It just reminds me of what my old and (favorite) boss once said to me: Closed mouths don’t get fed. You put it out there and behold! So happy for you… if anyone should be helping out with a thorough book project it should be you too. SO ORGANIZED, so thoughtful and SO intentional! Love you both and keep us all posted!

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