Bargainista Mommy-to-Be

My friends and family lovingly refer to me as an “Extreme Couponer,” though I’ve donated much of what I’ve purchased when couponing, unlike many of the folks on the TLC show. As K will tell you, my savings motto is, “Free is my second favorite price to pay.” (The favorite, of course, being paid to take something out of the store).

To those who know me well, the fact that Baby Cheapskate by Angela Wynne was one of the first parenting books I read would come without shock.The main premise of the book, besides providing tips and tricks to saving funds, is to help parents and parents-to-be learn the difference between needs vs. wants, and instructs readers to focus on registering for need type items. I thought the book was helpful, albeit slightly basic for those who have experience with basic couponing principles. Baby Cheapskate definitely inspired me to streamline our registry and create a second wish list for wanted non-necessities.

I plan on using this secondary, non-necessity wish list when we go shopping at second-hand stores, yard sales and websites like Craigslist. Tomorrow, K and I are going to a community sale that focuses on baby, child and parenting items. I’m hopeful that we will find reasonably priced, secondhand items like clothes, cloth diapering supplies, bouncies, swings, toys and books. At a previous event I spontaneously attended, I scored a $10 gently used Boppy and a $2 brand new copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting. I can’t wait to report back with my finds from tomorrow’s event!

Also, after the sale, we’re headed to another local city to hopefully purchase six like-new Thirsties Duos and 12 OsoCozy unbleached pre-folds for about half the price of retail. I found these items listed on our local Craigslist site by a mom who gave cloth diapering a try but decided it wasn’t for her. She said that she was firm on her price, which was listed at about the price of retail, so I emailed her, informed her of the pricing and offered to pay a significantly reduced amount. She willingly accepted, proving, dear readers, that it never hurts to politely ask sellers to consider a counter-offer.

What are your favorite ways to save on baby, kid and parenting items?


7 thoughts on “Bargainista Mommy-to-Be

    • There’s only one in our state and it’s a few hours away, but we have something similar on a smaller scale called Mom 2 Mom sales. They’re often held at places of worship. We have every sale in the next several months on our calendar. LOL

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  2. I’ve bought so many clothes at Value Village, and of course breastfeeding is cheap as free. Oh and all of our nursery furniture came from Ikea, which was pretty inexpensive!

    Craigslist/Ebay Classifieds are great way to find things, too!

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