First Look at Falco

Yesterday was our long-awaited first ultrasound.

The appointment began with us standing in the ultrasound room for several minutes while a new medical assistant awkwardly bustled about to prepare the room for the doctor. She fiddled with the ultrasound machine, trying to accurately enter K’s data into it, leaving the room several times to try to confirm information like the date of his last menstrual period. Her preparations concluded with her applying blue goo to the dildo-like wand, rolling a condomesque sheath over it and then delicately placing a tissue over the entire implement, lest we be intimidated by its length or girth.

It was amazing to see our little bean, who is strong, singular and well-positioned. Falco looked just as my friend D described seeing his future baby for the first time: “blobby.” A cute sort of blobby, at least.

Falco’s heart rate was 138 beats per minute, which is good for the gestational age of 7-ish weeks. Hearing the heartbeat was my favorite part. It made it all so real. That gap in the middle of the heartbeat is K saying something along the lines of, “Whoa, that’s SO COOL.”

Our reproductive endocrinologist is delightfully nerdy. He made quite a few corny jokes and gave us hugs and high-fives after the ultrasound. The entire staff gathered in the hallway, congratulating and cheering for us. They gave us a congratulatory card, which they all signed, with Falco’s ultrasound picture tucked inside. The card, while sweet, was comically irrelevant, though I hardly expect them to have a card depicting a pregnant man, should the occasion ever arise.

We’re headed back for a second ultrasound in a couple of weeks, then a few days later, we see the OB for the first time as an expectant family. I’m sure K would agree, despite feeling really good about our beta test results, finally seeing Falco and knowing that Falco  currently meeting all health-related milestones sure is a major relief. I’m feeling a lot more confident and significantly less worried about that blueberry-sized baby-to-be. In the meantime, I’ll keep optimistically looking forward to our now confirmed estimated due date of April 26, 2013.

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