Gratitude, week 8

It’s been an exhausting week, as I’m sure, dear reader, you’ve already gathered from this week’s posts. Taking the time to reflect on gratitude has never felt more critical to my sanity. This week, I’m grateful for:

  • K finally having a contact at his place of employment who knows about and is supportive of the pregnancy. We had dinner last night with two friends: a transguy who works at K’s place of employment and his lovely partner. They toasted our good news with glasses of delicious limeade!
  • K’s parents finally starting to get excited about the pregnancy. I’m sure he’ll write about it at some point (at least I hope he will), but it has truly taken K’s parents a full eight months to get to the place they are today. This afternoon, we’re headed to their house to sort through K’s old baby stuff to see if there are items we want to use for Falco, either at our house or at grandma and grandpa’s place.
  • Making it through this week, relatively unscathed and without our home looking completely trashed. It doesn’t seem like much, but after the week we had, sometimes just making it through is something to celebrate.

Week 9, we’re ready to conquer you!


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