Doula Interview 2: MK

Today was a revolving door of doula interviewees and K and, inherently introverted, are exhausted. The interviews began at 8 a.m. with our most experienced doula candidate so far, MK.

In 2010, she began volunteering for Doulas Care, an agency that provides volunteer birth support doulas, and realized that it was her calling. She then went through DONA International training and, wanting to receive even more experience, went through Birth Arts International training. After that, she worked as a midwife’s assistant and doula, attending more than 23 home births. Since working more on her own, she has had 10 clients hire her to act as their birth doula, and will have attended even more births by the time our estimated due date rolls around.

Positive impressions:
MK’s array of birth experiences is extensive and impressive. K and I like that she, in addition to prenatal doula sessions with her clients, schedules additional time to gather with and intentionally bond with her clients, building a foundation of trust that will carry into what’s certain to be one of our most intimate life experiences. MK is clearly non-judgmental of any and all birth choices and life paths and is flexible in order to meet whatever our needs are or become. I believe she would be a strong advocate when she needs to be, a calming influence when it was necessary, and a wealth of knowledge when it was appropriate. She doesn’t seem “crunchy” at all, which makes me feel at ease. Also, her fees are reasonable and by “reasonable,” I mean that she is seriously undervaluing her expertise.

She was extraordinarily talkative. K and I have a small fear that this could potentially translate to hyperactivity during the birth experience.

Comfort: 4.5 stars
Experience: 5 stars
Inclusion of Partner: 4.75 stars
Personality: 4.25 stars


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