Doula Interview 4: HE

As we neared the end of the day’s interviews, K was frequently and audibly yawning in a way that would have embarrassed me more had he not been in his first trimester.

Doula #4 was also trained at the local doula education center where Doula #3 received her training, and indicated that, while she was still a relatively new doula, her “doula business is exploding.” She currently works full-time but is leaving that role in December to allow her to pursue birth support as a full-time career.

Positive impressions:
HE was a very sweet and kind new doula. She was enthusiastic and passionate about her role as a supportive and informative birth resource and, while she has never been a doula to LGBT parents-to-be, she was clearly educated about our community. Her husband is planning to serve as a known sperm donor to a lesbian couple they consider friends, and one of HE’s best friends identifies as a bisexual and lives in a queer polyamorous household. K and I liked that she had a set protocol for meeting with clients, providing resources and practicing birth strategies, and likes to meet clients in their home when they are in early labor so that they can put into practice some of their planned pain management techniques.

Having only attended three births so far, HE was, by far, the least experienced doula we’ve met. K was initially concerned by Doula #1’s level of experience, but Doula #1 had already attended double the births of Doula #4. At the end of the day, no matter how sweet and kind HE is, K and I feel like we need someone who has more births under her belt in order to feel truly confident in their ability to support us on our big day. I also noticed that she gave K a lot more eye contact than she gave me, and feeling included in this process is critical to me.

Comfort: 4 stars
Experience: 1.5 stars
Inclusion of Partner: 3 stars
Personality: 4.75 stars


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