Falco’s second ultrasound

Yesterday afternoon, K and I went to our final visit at our reproductive endocrinologist’s office, where we went for our second ultrasound. It was so phenomenal to hear Falco’s strong heartbeat (on the high range of normal at 180 bpm) and see the little one moving all around. It’s so amazing to see how much Falco has changed in a few short weeks. Our baby is finally looking like a BABY, albeit one with alien-like translucent skin.

Our doctor took videos with his iPhone of Falco’s heartbeat and of Falco moving all around, which he emailed to us after our visit. It’s this thoughtful nature, coupled with the doctor and staff’s sweet, supportive demeanor, that we’ll miss the most about their practice. It’s sad to be leaving them, even though it’s for a very happy reason. We look forward to referring many other hopeful parents-to-be and, perhaps, we’ll be back there for help conceiving our second kid! (Right now, K’s rolling his eyes at me and telling me that we’ll see.)

Now, some close-ups of our now FETUS (no longer an embryo!) named Falco:

All nestled in

The heartbeat

A sideways view of Falco

Now, because we’re opting out of some of the diagnostic tests like the NT scan, we likely won’t catch a glimpse of dear Falco again until our sex scan at 16-20 weeks. At least K can continue to watch that video on loop like he did last night.

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