Gratitude, week 10

With all of the excitement of doula interviews last weekend, I didn’t have an opportunity to thoroughly express my gratitude during our ninth week of pregnancy. Luckily, there’s enough gratitude to carry into this week. During our tenth week of pregnancy, I’m thankful for:

  • The opportunity to have worked with a phenomenal reproductive endocrinologist and his kickass staff, who helped us to conceive, cheered us on and supported us when we needed information and empathy. While we’re now moving onto traditional OB care and won’t be seeing the RE for the remainder of this pregnancy journey, I am so very grateful for their skills, expertise and care.
  • Hanging out with our favorite group of queers this weekend. Their support and camaraderie means so much to us! K and I hosted brunch this time and then we went to the Zoo. I made a baked oatmeal based on this recipe. I’ve found it’s easier to incorporate the spices by adding them to the melted butter, then adding brown sugar, an egg, salt and baking powder before whisking in milk and pouring the whole thing over the dry ingredients. My favorite flavor combination includes raspberries, chopped almonds and semi-sweet chocolate chips. YUM!
  • Seeing my parents for the first time in several months! They live about four hours from us and we only get the opportunity to see them a few times a year. They’re bringing down the wooden bassinet my father made for me when they adopted me. I’m thrilled that we’ll be able to use it for Falco and maybe, one day, Falco will be able to use it for our grandchildren.

The coming week brings more excitement, and so much more for which we can feel grateful, including our first OB appointment (which will likely be mostly spent with the nurse practitioner) and a cloth diapering class next weekend.


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