Sh*t others say

I am finally getting over one of those nasty season changing colds that seem to be going around. When I came into work this morning, a newish coworker asked. “C, are you feeling any better?”

Me: “Yeah. I’m not 100%, but I am finally feeling better. Of course this means my husband is now sick.”

Coworker: “Is he one of those typical males where it’s the end of the world when he’s sick?”

Me, wanting to say, “Oh, let us count the ways in which K is a ‘typical male.’ No really, we can count them on one hand,” but actually saying: “Well, yeah, he can be a bit whiny.”

Coworker: “Wouldn’t you love to see them go through childbirth just once?”

Me: “Now that would truly be amazing.”

Ah, my life. Such a comedy in ways that others don’t fully know.


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