First OB appointment

Well, we survived our first OB visit and left feeling pretty good.  When we arrived, I wasn’t in the best mood since we both have pretty terrible colds (wife is almost over hers).  Also, it always feels slightly uncomfortable to hang out in the waiting room and have people stare and wonder why they’re calling me (the guy) as the patient and not my wife.

After they took my vitals, we were given a large purple bag full of informational brochures and samples including this lovely gem featuring a pregnant person who is wearing a checkered tablecloth:

This is what a pregnant person looks like, right?

The first visit is usually just with a nurse practitioner, and I was very excited to have C meet the NP I’ve been working with for the past 4-5 years.  She went over the usual pregnancy do’s and don’t’s, discussed early screening options, cord banking, nutrition, exercise, and expectations around pregnancy weight gain.  I’m sure I’ll write another post in the near future about size and body image, etc.  I did briefly mention some of my history with disordered eating and large amounts of weight loss and gain. I did so mostly just to get it on the table and to mention to her that restriction is stressful and my focus during pregnancy was eating a balanced, healthy diet.

Aside from her being a LOUDER talker than I remember, both C and I were pleased with the conversation.  While we aren’t supposed to see our OB until our next monthly visit, I asked if we could say hello and ask a few quick questions.  I had originally met Dr. K years ago at a previous job where part of my responsibilities included maintaining a list of LGBT friendly health care providers.  I haven’t seen her for a few years but when she popped in our room she was just as I remembered.  Dr. K is what C would call a “soft butch”.  She’s in her late 40’s, glasses, shortish spiky hair, and was wearing *pleated* plaid dress pants and a white turtleneck with penguins on the collar.  Yes, penguins.

We had a friendly, quick conversation where I awkwardly asked her if the NP had talked to her about me (translation: “You know I’m a pregnant dude, right?”), if doulas were okay with her, and how supportive she was of our more natural birth plan. Turns out her answers were yes, yes, and YES, which was a huge relief.

Although our interaction was brief, we both feel really good about her warmth, sense of humor, and nerdy yet unpretentious personality.


One thought on “First OB appointment

  1. Sounds great! How does your OB practice work in terms of delivery? Here, virtually all practice in groups, so you’ll get any doctor from a specified call pool (we went through 4 at the birth of our second). If the same for you, is there a way you can meet the rest of the practice? I’d imagine you wouldn’t want to be coming out to them as they walk into the room…though by then you’ll be a pro. And it may be possible for your doula to handle some of that too.

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