Cloth Diaper Daycare Laws for the 50 States

Considering cloth? Check out this really fab resource: Cloth Diaper Daycare Laws for the 50 States.


4 thoughts on “Cloth Diaper Daycare Laws for the 50 States

  1. We used cloth diapers for the first 19 months of Theo’s life, but we stopped once he started daycare. I’m glad we were able to use them for that long, though!

    Also, we used a service because we’re lazy 😛

  2. Do you have any friends with kids who do cloth diapering? I am really interested in it, but don’t know anyone personally who did it! Plus, nervous about the fact that likely I would be working part time, and my mother and mother in law would be taking care of the kid, and then maybe sometimes daycare.

    • We do have one set of friends who cloth diaper, but I think their one day care refused to allow cloth (even though it’s totally legal in MI). Their daughter will be 2 by the time Falco is born and they’ve had a great experience. I’ve been doing a ton of research about cloth diapering, since that’s the route we want to go, and from what I can tell, pocket (that you’ve pre-stuffed) and all-in-one (AIO) designs are the most like disposables and are easiest for caregivers to accept and understand. If you ask your caregivers to stuff used dipes in a wetbag for you to deal with later, it isn’t any more work for a caregiver than a ‘sposie would be. I’ve really been enjoying the Cloth Diapering community at Baby Center. They’re a fab resource!

  3. Cloth diapering isn’t any more work for daycare, especially considering with disposable diapers it is stated that you are supposed to knock solid waste into the toilet before throwing away. There are so many options for day care and babysitters (and clueless dads) that make cloth diapering exactly like disposables. You put the diaper on, you take the diaper off. And the only difference is you put the soiled dipe in a bag instead of the trash. I used fitteds and AI2s. Love them. I also use wool and fleece for covers and overnight which maintains air flow to my girl’s bum! She had her 12 month well baby check yesterday and the doctor was gushing over how great her skin was and how there was no rash!

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