I’ll be 12 weeks pregnant by the end of this week and C insists that I am starting to show.  I don’t know if I see it yet.  I’ve been so bloated nearly this entire first trimester, and that’s finally going away.  I suppose my uterus has popped out a little bit….especally this week, but I really don’t think it’s very noticeable.

Thankfully all my work pants (dress pants and Khakis) still fit and probably will for at least a few more weeks.  Unfortunately, none of my jeans fit 😦  Okay, correction, none of my jeans comfortably fit.  I mean, I could squeeze myself into them, but then I look real sausagy and I don’t want to squish Falco.

So. this weekend I ordered one of these Bella Bands in an attempt to avoid gendered maternity clothes for as long as possible.  At some point I’m sure I’m just not going to care and will cave and buy some gendered preggo pants (just pants!) but I’m not there yet.  I’m a little skeptical and wonder if this thing will even hold up my jeans.  Dear readers, I will keep you posted! 


4 thoughts on “Belly

  1. For the record, K is showing in that the top of his belly chubs is sticking out more prominently. If you knew that he was “in the family way,” you might recognize this as showing; otherwise, he just looks a teeny bit chubbier than usual.

  2. A friend bought maternity tanks as undershirts to bridge the gap between men’s shirts and men’s jeans that occurs with a pregnant belly. Just thought I share in case that’s something you might want to consider. You can also loop a rubberband through the buttonhole of jeans and the loop the other end around the button to give yourself some growing room.

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