Happy Coming Out Day!

In honor of National Coming Out Day, I decided to boldly go where no one has gone before at my place of work: I announced to a few close coworkers that I have a pregnant husband and am going to be a mom.

For those who didn’t even know that K is trans, the story was a bit awkward and bumpy. It basically involved me saying something along the lines of, “You might not know this, but my husband is a transgender man. He was born female and identifies as a man…” It’s pretty much the least graceful way to start a conversation, but I knew that if I didn’t just SAY it, I might lose my nerve.

A few of my coworkers know K from when we both worked at a different agency and he came to my current place of work to talk about transgender inclusion and awareness. Telling them was a lot easier because it wasn’t as large of a leap to go to “pregnant man.”

Everyone reacted appropriately, some were so excited that they cried and hugged me. There were a few understandable questions, which I comfortable answered. There were also several laughs when they heard our due date, as it is literally one day after our largest event of the year, for which I have tons of responsibilities.

Disclosing this information is making this all so damn real and it’s scary at times. A large part of me is still so afraid of counting my chickens before they’re hatched. I know that our risk for something bad happening is much lower at this point, but knowing that something has even an infinitesimal chance of happening can be nerve-wracking. Thankfully, K and I both have the outlet of this blog, the support of our friends, family and faithful readers, and love for one another to get us through any challenge that may come our way.


6 thoughts on “Happy Coming Out Day!

  1. Congratulations! I am happy to hear that people reacted favorably. It’s just stuff that typical genetic male/female couples take for granted… Just announcing that “my wife is pregnant” rarely comes with any fear. So way to go coming out!

  2. Fantastic! Now that that has been taken care off, you can spend the next 6 months properly stressing and only talking about preparations for being a mummy! … well that and the other office-event thing nobody cares about. It is all about FALCO now 😉

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