Gratitude, week 12

Since C is still at her sleep study until later this afternoon, I thought I would take on our gratitude post. Yay, my first one!  This week I’m grateful for:

  • Getting a lot of my energy back.  I didn’t realize how tired and unproductive I had been in the first trimester until I’ve felt more energetic recently.  This morning I cleaned the house for 3 hours.  C has been taking on extra housework since I was feeling so tired and sick.  I hope this means I’ll be able to take back some of my cooking and cleaning tasks.
  • I’m feeling more comfortable about coming out to others about the pregnancy since we’re on the cusp of the second trimester.  I have an appointment to meet with my supervisor and our research center manager on October 22nd.  I think once I tell a few people at work I’ll feel a little less stressed at work.  I’m also working on drafting a Facebook private message to send to about 30 of our friends.  I’m actually feeling pretty excited to share this news with a wider circle of folks.
  • For C, who is the best partner a pregnant man can have!  🙂

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