Gratitude, week 13

It’s been a low-key weekend so far. K and I have spent a lot of time lounging, doing chores, and we saw the movie Looper last night. Today, we’re headed to the home of friends for one part social gathering, one part dog play date. Should be fun times!

We’ve received a lot of conflicting information about what pregnancy week signals the start of the second trimester. Some resources say week 12, some say 14. Since we’re at week 13, we decided to consider this second trimester, which brings me to my gratitude list. This week, I’m grateful:

  • That we’re in our second trimester, when the risk of miscarriage significantly drops. This provides us both with a lot less anxiety and also allows us to feel a lot more comfortable with sharing our news with extended family members. We’re certain to report more about that in the coming week or two.
  • That K will soon have the experience of sharing pregnancy news with his bosses, for which he has an appointment to do on Tuesday. He’s very nervous but I just know that they’ll be supportive and that he’ll feel a lot of relief from not having to lie to everyone in his workplace any longer.
  • For more action on the pregnancy front in the coming weeks. The past few weeks have been pretty bland, which is nice sometimes, but I’ve felt like we were just waiting to make it to this imaginary goal of safety. Before us, we’ll soon experience coming out to the remainder of our family, our next OB appointment, the inevitable maternity clothes shopping trip, and very happy holidays.



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