Quick update

Because we have been delinquent bloggers and I know some of our friends read our posts in order to keep up-to-speed in our progress, I wanted to be certain to post a brief update about some of the Falco-related happenings as of late. I wish I had time these days to be more thorough about it, but we’re starting the busy season at work and I’m swamped! In no particular order:

  • K told his favorite aunt and his bosses. He’s under strict instructions to write an in-depth report about these happenings very soon!
  • We had this month’s OB appointment on Tuesday and got to hear Falco’s heartbeat again. It was the first time we’ve been able to hear it via external doppler. It was 166 bpm, which is the high-end of normal. Judging by the old wives’ tale, all of our measured heartbeats would indicate that we’re having a girl, but time will tell.
  • After much pouting and wrangling, we scheduled our anatomy scan for the first possible day we can have it: Friday, November 23rd, otherwise known as my favorite holiday: Black Friday. If s/he complies, we’re going to hopefully find out Falco’s sex that morning before heading to visit my parents for the weekend.
  • The interview with the potential child care provider went really well and I’m a lot more comfortable with them than I thought I would be. The prayers that they do before meals do not mention any deity and are much more gratitude-based than anything. Also, the Bible stories constitute less than 10 minutes of each preschooler’s day there, and are more like life lessons about helping others (i.e. The Good Samaritan).
  • We recently received a reasonable quote from a painter to paint our living room and nursery. K and I know what colors we want, but are going to pick out some specifics this weekend.
  • We have another meeting with our doula next weekend to start to talk more about birth planning, among other things. It’s all starting to become so real!

That’s all for now, friends. Things are going well in our gestational world!


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