Belly laugh

On our way home from our Friday night date, where we picked up paint chips for Falco’s nursery and went to dinner, K turned to me with the following interaction.

K: You know how you can’t wait to get home at the end of the day and take off your bra?

Me: Yes…

K: I’m at the place in my pregnancy where that’s how I’m starting to feel with my pants.


3 thoughts on “Belly laugh

  1. I`ve been reading this blog since it started. I lurked upon it on BBC. I really want to know what happened with K’s boss and his aunt!! Update please!!!! (Also congrats!!)

  2. I feel that way about BOTH of those clothing articles!!! You actually have to give me a GOOD excuse to wear them. John wanted me to go to a football party tonight and I was just thinking…ugh…pants AND a bra??? Meh…I’ll stay home.

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