Grandma knows

On Saturday, we went to visit K’s grandmother, who is very much the matriarch of the family. After our last awkward grandma date, it was nice to finally be able to talk more openly.

We made some typical chit-chat, catching up on mundane life happenings and the like. Then, grandma asked us about whether or not we’d be visiting either of our parents in Florida this February like we did this past year. Given that we’d be fairly far into our third trimester at that point and is the reason why we won’t be joining our folks in Florida this winter, this was the perfect segue into pregnancy disclosure.

K told her what has pretty much become our typical story, and it was clear that she was excited about the news. It’s important to note that K’s grandmother is rather subdued and WASPy, so her version of “excited” isn’t extraordinarily emotive. Grandma had given up hope at becoming a great-grandmother during her lifetime, so this news was definitely special for her.

Grandma is also notorious for spreading family news in a rapid-fire manner, so it’s safe to assume that the rest of that side of the family now knows about our baby-to-be. K told his favorite aunt earlier in the week and sent letters to his closest cousins, so a few other family members will have had the opportunity to hear the news from our point of view instead of second-hand.

It feels really wonderful to be more open and celebratory about Falco, especially with family members. Now, we’re pretty much out to everyone close to us!


4 thoughts on “Grandma knows

  1. I just wanted to say I subscribe to your blog now, I saw a link in a signature on a co-op I belong to, and I have to say while I don’t know you I am so happy for you. I enjoy reading every time I get an email saying you’ve posted again. How the miracle of life comes into this world doesnt mean nearly as much as the joy it brings to all those who love that little miracle. I am so glad that the pregnancy is going so well so far and that you have such open minded bosses and friends and family. I am glad you’ve created this blog and that I stumbled on it. Cant wait until your next post 😀

      • I’m happy support such a beautiful thing as bringing a child into the world to meet two loving and caring parents, and while we’ve never met, I have no doubt from reading your blog that that is exactly what is happening here. So excited for you two to get to experience being a mother and a father to a beautiful baby (and can’t wait till this Friday to find out gender :-D)

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