A better world for Falco

K and I have always been civically engaged. We’ve been involved our share of protests, rebellions, volunteering and donating to political campaigns, and, of course, voting. For some reason, though, this year’s presidential election seemed even more critical to us with Falco’s pending arrival. The stakes just felt so much higher now that we’re responsible for another human being.

It’s no surprise that we supported President Obama in his reelection. Community Marketing & Insights studied LGBT Americans and determined that 90% of us backed Barack Obama and that LGBT’s were second only to the African American community in our support of the President. This fact does not shock me. The President’s acceptance speech, where he recognizes and acknowledges the LGBT community, is just one of a very long list of examples of his support of our community.

I stayed up very, very late to hear election results, to the point where concentrating at work today was extraordinarily difficult due to sleep deprivation. It was beyond worth it to hear President Obama’s speech. Tears welled up in my eyes when he talked about LGBT Americans during such a momentous event. My heart is full knowing that our child will be born under an administration that values and respects his/her parent’s identities, that will fight for equality between Falco’s gender and other genders, that wants nothing but the best for this country.

Four more years, indeed!


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