Man-ternity jeans

I am thrilled to report that, for the first time, K wore actual man-ternity clothes. We lucked out and found some plus sized pregnancy clothes (rare) that are reasonably priced (even rarer) and moderately gender neutral (Halley’s Comet). Most importantly, it allowed K to get through a busy day of work in comfort and dignity. Plus, it’s a nice milestone to greet.

Without further ado, I present a great denim option for chubby pregnant trans dudes, the Duo Maternity Overbelly Bootcut Jeans from JCPenney, only $19 (just imagine them worn with more masculine footwear, mmm’kay?):


We continue the semi-elusive search of plus sized maternity career pants that do not look too feminine. We’re headed to a local Motherhood Outlet on Sunday to see if we luck out. I also hope that JCP replenishes their stock really soon, as I feel like there are some promising options there. I’ve also found a few options from other catalogs, but it’s pretty annoying to order a ton of stuff and then have to return what doesn’t work. It just might be preferable to do that rather than, as K said, be read as a man who is crossdressing as a pregnant woman.


8 thoughts on “Man-ternity jeans

    • Good call on Target! Their largest maternity size might work and it looks like their parents are in stock at our local stores. Old Navy sizes in maternity don’t go up to the size we’d need. Gap’s size chart could be a close call.

  1. Someone is missing out on a great business opportunity with gender-neutral maternity wear. I see people looking for it all the time! Glad K found something that works. I second the Gap rec – they have some nice basic pieces that would probably fit the bill.

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