We remember

Many of our readers are aware that November 20 is the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day devoted to honoring and memorializing individuals who were killed due to hatred and prejudice against transgender people. It is important to note that many of the people we remember on this day are people of color, having experienced marginalization and stigmatization beyond what was related to their expressions of gender. This is a very somber day for those of us who identify as – and love – transgender people.

K and I were acquaintances for many years, but we actually attribute the Transgender Day of Remembrance as the beginning of our relationship because, 7 years ago today, a TDOR event brought us together. Across a crowded room of understandably solemn faces, K and I locked eyes and began down a path that has brought us to the joyful place we are today.

I can’t help pondering the extremes that this day represents: the elation and hope of a new relationship and the sadness and rage behind the losses of life that occur, year after year, because of the hatred of gender diversity. Like life itself, this day is filled with such complexities, reminding me that something wonderful and amazing can happen when you least expect it and that it is critical to celebrate and appreciate the beauty in this world while we mourn and speak out against injustices.


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