Purchases for parents-to-be

Last night, K and I went to Kohls to take advantage of some of their Black Friday sales that they actually launched before Thanksgiving.

With a rapidly increasing pace at my job, I’ve been enjoying an iced coffee each morning as a way to help me focus. I’ve been in the market for a really good deal, especially with holiday sales, on a Keurig, which I feel would be a lot more convenient (and necessary!) for me once we have a newborn. After a lot of thorough research, I determined that Kohls had the best deal. The model with the best reviews across multiple websites, the B40, had a regular price of $119.99. They had a 15% off coupon, dropping the price to $102. Kohls was also offering $15 in Kohl’s Cash for every $50 spent, dropping the price to an unheard of $72.

There’s so much on which we can spend our $30 in earned Kohl’s Cash, like holiday gifts, or another necessity – manternity clothes! We saw on the Kohls website that they had a pair of neutral looking pregnancy pants available in plus sizes, so since we were in the store and it wasn’t yet nutty with holiday shopping, we asked an associate to direct us to the maternity section. Unfortunately, this request caused a lot of confusion, as they’d apparently temporarily pulled their small maternity section off the floor to make way for all of the Black Friday specials that they were setting up around the store. I truly expected that this would mean we were out of luck, but the associate offered to take us into the stock room to look at the maternity racks and pull any products we might like to try on or purchase. Even though it meant them having to drag the racks out of a truck where they’d temporarily stashed them, the Kohls associates acted like they were totally happy to help. It was such an amazing customer service experience, in the midst of such a hectic time in their business, that I honestly intend to write a note to the store manager about it.

K tried on the pair of pants and I’m so very glad that we pulled multiple sizes from the stock room, as the sizes run smaller than they claim to on the Kohls online size chart. The pants were a great fit, a good value at $29.00 (WITHOUT a coupon!) and very gender neutral (when not worn with high heels):

more manternity pants

We’ll likely purchase a few pairs of these pants as a staple for K’s work wardrobe. While we were at the store, K also tried on some sweaters and button down collared career shirts from the Men’s Big & Tall section and found a few items that would definitely work with a prominent and growing baby bump. I chuckle whenever I think about what an associate must have thought when he found both maternity pants and men’s business clothes in a singular men’s dressing room stall.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!


One thought on “Purchases for parents-to-be

  1. That makes me so happy. I am SO sick of bad customer service, and shopping during the crazy holiday season makes me wanna punch people… (pregnancy hormones much?) You should for sure send a note. That’s awesome customer service.
    P.S totally LOVE my Keurig ❤ So worth it.

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