So true!

Considering someone recently located our blog by searching “what to get for a baby shower if they don’t know the gender,” I figured the following could be useful:

for boy or girl

Feel free to substitute the words “item” or “present” for “toy,” and the person who searched for gender-neutral baby gift ideas should be in luck! I wish I could cite the original source for the brilliance of this graphic, but I would like to thank my friend who sent this my way.

5 thoughts on “So true!

  1. Ha, I saw this on Facebook this morning! It’s so true.

    (I also find it interesting how some of the most gender non-conforming people I know/people whose gender identity doesn’t match their assigned sex are the ones who are raising their children with the greatest gender conformity in terms of clothing, toys etc.)

  2. I just posted this on my Facebook this morning. 😉 I got it from Feminists United on FB. I’m not sure it originated there, but that’s as far back as I can trace it.

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