What’s in YOUR pants?

If it’s an intactivist information card, then you have something in common with K.

Today, upon putting on a new pair of khaki manternity pants that we recently purchased from Target, he discovered an informational card about circumcision for parents-to-be. It’s from a website called Saving Our Sons and looks like the following:

intactivist card front

intactivist card back

When K first pulled it out of his pocket, he thought it was some creepy religious thing or right-to-life message. Luckily, this card doesn’t say anything that’s outside what we would pursue if we happen to be having a boy, either now or in the future. We both thought it was a clever method to spread the word to an appropriate audience (though we doubt the person who left the card would ever think the message would end up in the pants of a pregnant dad-to-be!).


3 thoughts on “What’s in YOUR pants?

  1. Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a leibster award! Check out my post for the details and where you are listed! 🙂 Your posts make me laugh and brighten my day, keep it up!

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