Liebster Blog Award

Thank you so much to the beautiful birminghambell for nominating us for the Liebster Blog Award! According to our blogger friend, the Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite.”

Liebster Blog Award

Here are the rules of the award:

  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you.
  • Create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
  • Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
  • Go to their page and tell them.
  • Remember no tag backs!

Eleven random facts about us:

  1. Our birthdays are approximately 1 year and 3 weeks apart. For three weeks of the year, my age is two years older than K’s. During this time, he teases me relentlessly and refers to me as a cougar.
  2. I am extraordinarily sensitive about feeling included, considered, remembered, etc. I think this is because I’m an adoptee and have never totally felt like I fit in.
  3. K is pretty gullible, but only because he is a kindhearted person who believes the best in people.
  4. My favorite time of day is when I walk through the door of our home and can take off my bra.
  5. K and I are pretty much always well hydrated and drink a lot of water.
  6. We only have one car and have for several years. It can present challenges from time to time, but I choose to believe that it has caused us to become better communicators who plan ahead. That being said, we hope we can one day save up for a second car, which will be significantly more important when Falco is here.
  7. K and I were in relationships with other people when we fell in love. Because of this “overlap,” it was a messy, dramatic beginning to what has become a beautiful, peaceful life.
  8. Other than when I was a little girl who was obsessed with pink, I have never known how to answer the question, “What is your favorite color?” There are far too many lovely hues to pick!
  9. If it was up to K, he would be a book hoarder.
  10. If it was up to me, I’d be a cloth diaper hoarder (ok, I’m kind of already there).
  11. Neither of us really like professional sports.

Questions from the Bell:

  1. What is the number one thing you catch yourself censoring on your blog? and have you ever been asked to remove anything?
    While we have some friends who follow our blog, the number one thing I self-censor is our identities! We’re trying to keep our blog anonymous, at least during the pregnancy. We’ve never been asked to remove anything.
  2. What’s your guilty food pleasure?
    I love pizza. Being gluten-free presents a challenge in this regard. Luckily, I found a really delicious gluten-free pizza dough recipe.
  3. What do you do when nobody’s looking?
    Embarrassing. I pick my cuticles.
  4. What qualities of yours do you hope your kid/s get?
    I would be so thrilled to have a ginger baby. We’ve done everything we possibly can to ensure this is the case! HA!
  5. What’s your least favorite food?
    Other than the obvious food allergies/sensitivities, I think my least favorite food is lentils. I’ve tried to like them, but they just taste chalky to me.
  6. What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever seen?
    Hatred. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of it.
  7. What was that “defining moment” that made you sit back and go “okay…I’m a REAL parent now!!!!”
    It was definitely the recent experiences of dogs vomiting, followed by K vomiting.
  8. How do you de-stress after a terrible day?
    I plop on the couch and watch crappy tv.
  9. What are you OCD about? Come on, there’s gotta be something!
    Maintaining a full supply of ice cubes in our freezer. We don’t have an automatic ice maker in our freezer, so, unfortunately, the task has fallen to me. I’m often irritated that I’m the only one in the house who does it, but seeing a diminishing supply of ice cubes makes me panic and spring into action.
  10. What is a special talent that people are always asking you to do? (example: make that phenomenal pie you always make, take some pictures of our family since you’re so good at it…etc…)
    Ha! K and I are always asked to make and bring salads to social engagements. I suppose we’re pretty good at it.
  11. What’s your favorite time-saving trick for doing chores with kids?
    I wish I knew! I sure hope I’ll figure one out!

We adore reading the following blogs and are thrilled to nominate them for the Liebster Blog Award:

I certainly hope you’ll check them out and know that you’ll appreciate their posts as much as we do! Here are the questions we hope they’ll answer as they accept our nomination:

  1. What’s one thing about your significant other that drives you absolutely bonkers?
  2. What is your biggest vice?
  3. Do you consider any subject matter “off-limits” on your blog?
  4. What inspired you to start writing your blog? What motivates you to continue?
  5. If you knew you’d succeed and could have a “do over,” what profession might you pursue instead of what you’re currently doing?
  6. What is your absolute favorite moment of the day?
  7. Do you have any allergies? What are they?
  8. If you had one million dollars to donate to a cause or organization, which would you pick and why?
  9. What is your least favorite chore?
  10. Do you have any recurring dreams or nightmares? What are they?
  11. What major lesson have you learned in 2012?

5 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Bras are my enemy too! One of my second favorite things about staying home for our first 2 babies a while! I don’t even wear a REAL bra when I do go out, I sport the gap maternity tank top with the built in ones! Since you keep your identities private, will you post pictures of the new baby? I want to see ginger hair!! 🙂 Maybe you could just do the top of the head shot haha! I’m a fan of the “headless horseman” shots for my belly pics…but only because I don’t want to fix my face or hair for a picture!

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