My husband, fan of Cayenne West

You know, Cayenne West, the hip hop mogul who is dating Kim Kardashian? Why are you giving me that blank look? You’ve never heard of Cayenne? He has some seriously spicy lyrics…

K has some major pregnancy brain going on. Like, to the point where words don’t make sense, he can’t follow stories I tell him, he’s referring to celebrities as varieties of peppers, and he’s losing shit all over the state. I’m sure if the majority of my energy and nutrients were going to create and grow a tiny human’s organs, it would be super difficult to concentrate, too, but I’m losing my patience in a very unbecoming way.

As a fundraiser, this time of year is especially hectic for me, and on top of that, I’m dealing with the addition of a new director with whom I’ve experienced friction. It leaves me grumpy and spent at the end of the workday, with very little energy, patience or understanding. I need to find a way to keep it together because I take pride in being a supportive, loving partner to my pregnant husband, and it makes me feel like a total failure when I lose my cool.

Do you have any funny pregnancy brain stories to share that will help me to maintain my sanity and give me some perspective?


2 thoughts on “My husband, fan of Cayenne West

  1. N. says she’s the one who is having pregnancy brain. I mostly just feel tired, unmotivated, and unproductive, which is a drag because my career success is directly tied to my self-directed productivity. Also, my pants are too tight even when I am not wearing any.

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