A day of pure work win!

I have a standing weekly meeting with our new director and yesterday was our day to meet. At the end of our meeting, she said, “So tell me more about this baby!” I had previously mentioned that K and I were expecting but didn’t have an opportunity to speak to her more about the details. It has also been really difficult to bond with her and develop a sense of trust. I decided to take the plunge with her perfect opening and just told her the rest of the story. She reacted wonderfully, asked really thoughtful and sensitive questions, and seemed genuinely excited for me! This was a breakthrough in our very new work relationship and I think I learned a lot more about her in the process.

Later that day, when I was processing and acknowledging donations, I saw that our reproductive endocrinologist had renewed an annual gift from him and his wife, and added a $1,000 donation from his clinic. When sending out major donor appeals about a month ago, I made the decision to write a note on his letter:

As survivors of domestic and sexual violence, one of the reasons why K and I felt inspired to come see you for our care is your generous support of [organization], where I work. We greatly appreciate your commitment to the women and families we serve! Best, C, Mama-to-be BECAUSE OF YOU!! 🙂

My supervisor was so excited to hear about such a major donation and directly attributed his increased generosity to our relationship with him. She even joked, “Falco is already engaged in philanthropy while still in utero!”

Also on the topic of winning, while not entirely work-related, I had an epically good hair day yesterday. Those who know me well know just how exciting this is for me!

2 thoughts on “A day of pure work win!

  1. YAY!!!!! It really is such a huge step to bond with your manager! I know how important that is and you’re over the moon about it! Congratulations on your day!!! 🙂 May many more come your way!

  2. Wonderful! I hope this keeps building to a great working relationship. You deserve to enjoy your work and workplace. And nice going with the good hair day!

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