Spreading holiday cheer, pregnancy edition

K and I have been planning all along to announce the anticipated arrival of our little one to extended friends and family members via our holiday cards. By this point, you know that we’ve announced the specifics of our pregnancy to those really close to us, but we needed a way to tell others without necessarily spelling out every single detail about how we’re about to become parents. We figured that specific verbiage on a holiday card could announce without specifying, and allow those who are truly interested in the details the opportunity to reach out, ask questions, or possibly even make assumptions. Here is the card that we recently sent, edited to remove our actual names, as created through Mixbook:

Joy to the World front side

Joy to the World back side

When we first started talking about how we might announce our pregnancy, I was slightly pouty, albeit understanding, that K didn’t want to do a big Facebook post (even one with wording as vague as our card) about the fact that we’re going to become parents. One of the reactions to our holiday card is that some of our friends and family members took to Facebook to congratulate us on our wall or in response to unrelated status updates. This allowed even more distant acquaintances who frequently engage with us via social network sites to hear the news.

K and I have decided that this turn of events is basically the best of all possible options for us: we had the opportunity to tell really close family members and friends about all of the exciting details and received their outpouring of support, then we told extended friends and family with the holiday card and were able to celebrate with them without delving into a story that we’ve basically determined to be a need/want-to-know only sort of deal, and then had the ripple effect of feeling the love and joy from those who definitely do NOT need to know the details related to Falco’s origin. For us, this series of disclosures has felt so much more authentic and traditional in a world that can be increasingly impersonal as we tweet about every single bowel movement and political stance. It has also felt like a natural reflection of our very intentional methods of building family and community for our little one, who will surely enter the world filled with love and support.


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