Why 12-12-12 suck-suck-sucked

So many people in the media and via my Facebook feed were talking about how lucky and momentous the date was yesterday. This did not bear out for K and I, as, over the course of the day, we experienced three things that scored somewhere on the stress spectrum.

The man who owns the house that we rent lives out-of-state and will be in town for the first time in five years. He contacted the rental management company who maintains the property and asked them to set up a walk-through of the house over the weekend. As this does not give us ample time to feel prepared, K expressed that he could take the day off of work on Monday to stay home for said walk-through. You know those little tasks you’re always meaning to do but just aren’t a huge priority with other crap going on in your life? Yeah, there’s a list piling up… definitely all stuff we want/need to now tackle before this guy walks through the property. We have a ton of irrational fears, like, that he thinks we’re not properly maintaining the home and will ask the rental company to evict us, leaving us homeless before our baby arrives. That’s hogwash. If anything, he’ll be irritated that the rental management company hasn’t been keeping up on home maintenance the way that they should. For example, the retro tile in the bathroom has been coming loose and we’ve complained about it multiple times, but it still hasn’t been addressed. Maybe this walk-through will put pressure on the company to actually do something, but in the meantime, K and I feel like we need to make the home spotless and perfect. *sigh*

Then, our ginger kitty who has been experiencing bouts of UTIs with constipation over the course of the last year started passing blood in his urine again. Our regular veterinarian, who now has a small practice and limits his hours to accommodate, doesn’t work on Wednesdays, so I called around to find another place to take sick kitty. I managed to find a highly recommended practice with nine veterinarians who accept walk-ins and have ample open hours, so I took kitty there to be seen. The vet couldn’t find anything that would indicate a urine problem, but palpated what she believed to be an abdominal mass. After taking an x-ray, she confirmed that there was a very large mass in his abdominal region that was squishing some of his other organs forward and could be causing constipation. Our regular vet had supposedly taken an x-ray just a couple of months earlier when he thought he felt a mass but diagnosed it as “really hard stool.” Obviously, I’m livid that our (now former) vet clearly misdiagnosed this little guy, which makes me question all of the other care he gave to our dog and other kitty that passed away within the last 14 months. K and I simply do not have the financial resources to further assess what’s going on with our sick guy and, even if something could be done to surgically address his mass, we likely couldn’t afford it either. We’re now looking at palliative care, loving on him, and saying goodbye when it’s time, which is a LOT sooner than we had anticipated this happening. We’re so sad and stressed and know that this will be really hard on his surviving brother, with whom he’s lived his entire life.

Then, because shitty things tend to happen in multiples of three, we received an email right before midnight (12!), saying that after 12 (another 12 – wtf?) years, two friends of ours had come to the difficult decision to end their relationship with each other. This is quite a shock to us and K and I are so sad and concerned for them! We immediately sent our love their way and hope that they are able to wrap themselves tightly in this warmth.

What about you, dear readers? Did December 12, 2012 bring anything atypical your way?


5 thoughts on “Why 12-12-12 suck-suck-sucked

  1. My 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with Asthma yesterday…. it wasnt out of the blue or anything, but something I was really hoping that we could avoid 😦 It just makes me sad, I just want to protect her from everything, but at least now she can get the care and attention that she needs.

    Try not to stress about the walk through, I would recommend having someone there if possible, and if you have copies of any maintance requests that you put into the rental management company that they “never got around too” that helps. My rental management company does walk throughs once a year. It`s annoying, but try not to stress to much.

    And I am sorry about your kitty 😦

  2. Ugh 😦 Hope #1 works out for the better As far as #2, that makes me very sad, our animals are just like children and I am sorry you have to even think about your time being short with kitty! and #3, sucks when relationships don’t work out =(

  3. Oh no…I’m sorry about kitty!!! 😦 That has to be so frustrating because I know you paid the first vet a lot to evaluate what was wrong, only to be misdiagnosed! I know it breaks your hearts to think about losing the little fur ball…they become a part of your family! I hope he feels better and not worse and can stay around for a long time!

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