Whoa….Falco is doing flips. I used to just feel short little jolts or twinges but lately the movements have been lasting a few seconds and feel all swirly and funny.


7 thoughts on “Flips

  1. I always thought that if we were in the day and age where women could get affordable ultrasound machines to have at home while pregnant, nothing else would EVER get done. I always think what the heck is he doing in there!? When I was pregnant with Harper, I could feel where her head and feet where by touching my stomach and pressing around…but this time I have the anterior placenta and can’t figure out what is where, and it sort of drives me nuts for some reason. Stupid placenta.

  2. I spent my lunchbreak eating Pho and reading your blog. I’m super happy that both of you write here and that I found y’all – my guess is I would have serious friend crushes on you both if I didn’t live in Colorado. Keep the awesome coming!

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