My, how far we’ve come

I can’t believe that we’re almost to 22 weeks.

People on my Facebook feed and in various communities I frequent are starting to announce babies that are anticipated in June and I think, “Wow! It feels like we were JUST making a similar announcement.” Friends who are just a few weeks behind us are talking about various symptoms that seemed so recent. It was literally just one year ago when K had his last dose of testosterone and now we’re talking about what life will be like next December when we have an 8-month old kiddle!

There are so many huge milestones headed our way really shortly, too. Our painter will be painting the nursery in a little over a week and we’re attending birth classes in January with another rad queer couple. Friends and family members are starting to ask us the date of our baby shower so that they can place it on their calendars. Our parents, jet-setting retirees that they are, travel to warmer destinations over the winter and are already talking about being back in time for Falco’s birth.

I guess it really is true that nine (or so) months of baby gestating flies by!


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