Try it again

K got a call from the OB’s office today and was told that our doctor wants us to do a repeat anatomy scan. Apparently, she wasn’t able to see everything in our previous ultrasound. We’re trying not to fret about needing to redo this test and to just take it as another opportunity to catch a peek of Falco, but it’s difficult to not allow your mind to wander to the darkest “what-if’s” that reside there.

I’ve been doing some internet research to see if this is a common problem, and I’m learning that it seems to happen to a significant portion of pregnant people and usually without incident. Maybe this is just happening because of how Falco was positioned or because it was fairly early. I keep telling myself that if our doc was actually concerned about something specific, she’d tell us what that is, but again, it’s difficult to keep from obsessing. Please keep your fingers crossed for us. Our repeat ultrasound is next Thursday at 7:30 a.m. (sorry, K!).

In unrelated news, one of our dogs managed to pull a Houdini this morning. When K went to put the dogs in their crate before we left for work this morning, he yelled up from the basement, “WTF?! One of the dogs ate almost an entire package of rice cakes, made a huge mess and pooped all over the place!” My reply: “Wait – which flavor of rice cakes did she eat…?!” K was outraged and asked incredulously, “Is that really your main concern here?!” Ah, the joys of having pets. They sure know how to keep us on our toes.


6 thoughts on “Try it again

  1. Ugh. You are right, it’s probably nothing, but waiting for something that is “probably nothing” can be awful. Keep going, keep distracted; Thursday will be here before you know it.

  2. It’s probably nothing, I would think the Dr would say something more specific if there was a concern! We had to do several scans after 24 weeks because I was constantly measuring “small” with Harper. But they’d always tell me the reason for doing another scan! Just think of it as a treat for now- you get to see the baby again! Not sure if this is an option at your office, but IF it is, ask the tech to switch over to 4D for you! Ours had the machine that did both, so we would always ask just to see the chubby cheeks on the 4D! (And not pay a million bucks to get it done!)

  3. Don`t worry about it at all. They HAVE to tell you if something is wrong. I had to re-do my 20 week scan a few weeks ago too. It was the first time out of three pregnancies that I had to re-do it, but it was just because baby wasnt giving a clear shot of the spine. The re-do only took about 15 minutes and they just took like a million shots of the spine and sent me on my way. Nothing came out of it at my appointment this week and baby is a very happy 26 weeks now!

    And you get to see your sweet little baby again!

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