Bah humbug no more

I found it so difficult to get into the holiday spirit this year. We didn’t put up a tree, I didn’t bake some of my favorite treats, and I didn’t even get very elaborate with my gift wrapping. I will give myself a little bit of credit for at least hanging a wreath on the front door and sending out holiday cards, though, let’s be honest, the motivation behind the cards was really about announcing Falco’s impending arrival.

I had a really difficult time coming up with a gift to get for K. Buying creative and thoughtfully curated gifts for my loved ones has always been among my favorite parts of the holiday season, and feeling at a loss around K’s gift made me feel like a total Scrooge. I had considered many options, including a snazzy new pair of brown dress shoes, since he’d mentioned needing a pair, but nixed the idea when a coworker commented on how difficult it is to purchase shoes for someone else. I even considered wrapping a new pair of shoes that K purchased several months ago when they were buy one, get one free, but had not yet worn, and packing a decorative note inside that read, “Let’s go buy you a new pair of shoes.” Even this idea felt like it was lacking my typical gifting sparkle.

Finally, on the Friday before Christmas, inspiration hit! K has been complaining about his crappy slide phone for so long, wishing and dreaming for an iPhone. While we definitely could not afford to upgrade K to the iPhone 5, the cost of an upgrade to a 4S was only slightly more than I would have spent for a nice pair of new shoes for him. My phone line was eligible for an upgrade whereas his was not, but since I didn’t need a new phone, I transferred my upgrade to K’s line.

I decided to use a similar concept as my initial creative wrapping idea for the shoe gift, lest it be too obvious that I had gotten him some sort of delicious technology for Christmas. The outside of the shoe box:


Inside of the shoe box:


I wrapped the iPhone and tucked it inside one of the shoes before wrapping the entire shoe box.


K was so surprised! I think it will be a fun and functional gift, especially when Falco arrives. It will give K something easy to do/use while feeding the baby, we can FaceTime with grandma and grandpa, and then there’s the inevitable deluge of baby photos to our social networking streams.

Better still, selecting this gift and creatively packaging it for K really helped me to tap into that elusive holiday spirit.

Hope your holidays were merry and bright!


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