This is a lucky kid

K’s Aunt J sent a holiday card for us to K’s parents’ house because she had lost our address when she discarded the envelope from our holiday card. Reading this card on Christmas Eve was one of the highlights of my holiday, and you’ll see why. Her reaction to our baby news is beyond priceless!

Front of the card

Inside of Aunt J's card

I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting this Aunt, as she is elderly, lives in Nevada and was unable to travel to our wedding. However, I know I would just adore her. One of her roles in K’s family is recording each family member’s “number,” as in, the order in which people entered the family. When we were getting married, she sent us the loveliest congratulations card and told me my number in the family. I can’t wait to know Falco’s number!

Because I couldn’t get it together to scan our ultrasound photo yesterday during my busy half day of work, I decided to post it today. There’s no such thing as too many baby photos, right? I don’t think this one is as exciting as the previous one we used for our holiday cards, though.

Falco at 23 weeks

TGIF, all!



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