Birth classes and baby shower

This weekend will bring the first of our two highly condensed childbirth education courses. Our initial plan of doing an independent study followed by a private in-person birth class just depressed us and made us feel robbed of what can be an exciting milestone in pregnancy. When a really rad local queer couple, who happened to conceive the very same week we did, approached us about finding a class to attend together, we jumped at the opportunity to change our plans.

We opted for courses that were being offered at a crunchy center that educates a lot of doulas in our area. We’re all fairly busy folks, and the course is held about an hour away, so the several weeks of evening courses wasn’t ideal for any of us. The condensed series doesn’t cover a lot of information about medical interventions or navigating the health system, but all four of us are rather savvy when it comes to researching health options and advocating in medical settings.

We received a reminder email with the course booklet over the weekend. My first impression is that it appears to be a summary of all of the information found in Penny Simkin’s The Birth Partner, which is pretty much my favorite birth resource right now. The only thing missing are the more medicalized elements, including possible interventions complications, and considerations, which seems to be in line with the description of the condensed course’s syllabus. The class isn’t perfect, but it should provide us with a great foundation of skills for the birth experience.

In other, perhaps more exciting news, there’s been some very recent momentum on our baby shower. After some hiccups, waffling and some fairly intense and annoying gate keeping on behalf of K’s mother, there’s a plan: it’s going to be held on Saturday, March 16th (time still TBD) at K’s aunt’s house. His aunt is moving full-steam ahead with the planning, investigating food and invitation options, and this is a major relief for me. K’s family isn’t exactly known for their proactive approaches on pretty much anything, so all of the hesitations were giving me major agita. I was actually starting to doubt that it would ever happen and it made us both sad.


One thought on “Birth classes and baby shower

  1. We took classes with another couple and had a great time… especially going out to eat before or after the classes 🙂

    C and I both LOVED The Birth Partner as a reference… so much good information, particularly about stages of labor and what to possibly expect.

    Hooray for showers!

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