Gratitude, week 26

It’s been 9 weeks since I last expressed my weekly gratitude. Despite an abundance of joy and excitement, a cloud of stress and anxiety has been hanging overhead lately. I am finding it even more important to state how grateful I am for:

  • Sharing one of the ultimate pregnancy milestones, birth classes, with a phenomenal queer couple. The instructor, despite being told about our identities multiple times and in multiple ways, kept using exclusive terms like “moms” and “ladies.” Without the support of our friends, the experience would have been a lot more isolating and awkward. It was really special to be able to get to know them better.
  • The ability to get a good night’s sleep in the same bed as my partner. I’ve complained rather liberally about K’s increased snoring since becoming pregnant. Our OB just shrugs, says it’s only going to get worse, and asserts that if we’re not sleeping in separate beds now, we will be soon. That advice just didn’t sit well with me. Sleeping in the same bed as the person I love is really important to me, so I decided to try wearing earplugs. There were only a few types from which to choose at Target, so I selected the Sleep Pretty in Pink by Hearos. They’re an obnoxious neon pink color and the package features a photo of a peacefully slumbering woman in bed next to, presumably, her snoring husband. As annoying as the heterosexist marketing is, these puppies are a game changer. I’ve been getting the best sleep lately!
  • Rapidly ticking items off of our to-do list. I’m trying to front-load some of the necessary tasks to prepare for Falco’s arrival because her/his arrival coincides with our largest fundraiser of the year at work (translation: I will be hugely busy at work while K is hugely pregnant with our little one). I feel very productive and it’s helping me to feel less overwhelmed.

Our next OB appointment is on Friday and I’m looking forward to whether our we’re going to switch to a bi-monthly schedule or continue with one more monthly visit before making the switch. This will all depend on the results of K’s recent glucose tolerance test and his blood pressure during the office visit. His BP is always very slightly elevated when he gets to the office, likely because he’s nervous about being weighed and the worry about any potential commentary about it, but is normal when they recheck it at the end of the visit. Still, because our OB is on top of everything, she wants to make sure that it’s no cause for concern.


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