I didn’t expect pregnancy to be comfortable.  In fact, one of the things that has become totally uncomfortable wasn’t even on my radar.  UNDERWEAR!  I just assumed that people wore their normal underwear all through pregnancy, so I just pictured I’d do the same.  Like, just wear them below my belly and it would be fine.  But no, the last 3 weeks I’ve been in uncomfortable underwear hell.  I refused to do anything about it.  I feel very attached to my underwear.  They make me feel stylish and faggy.  I usually wear briefs or boxer briefs like these from Target.

target mens

For weeks my underwear have been digging into my lower abdomen, leaving a red mark from the tight elastic.  They just roll down and feel tight and terrible.  The final straw happened in the middle of the night.  I woke up for my second pee of the night around 3am.  While I was stumbling to the bathroom, half asleep, I was suddenly outraged at my underwear.  On the way back to bed, I grabbed a pair of scissors and SERIOUSLY cut a slit into the elastic waist band!  In the morning, I had to laugh at my crazed desperation.  Since I would actually like to have some of my underwear to wear after I’m pregnant, I decided I better break down and buy some maternity “panties”  (can I just tell you all how much I hate the word panties?!)

I haven’t worn “women’s” underwear since about 2003, so I wasn’t looking forward to it.  I found the least offensive kind possible at Motherhood Maternity and bought 6 pairs.  As much as I dislike the look, they are AMAZING.  Since getting them this past weekend, I can get dressed and not even notice my underwear or think about how uncomfortable they are all day long.

Once again, pregnancy comfort beats out my gender dysphoria.

Here are my new “sexy” undies:


4 thoughts on “Underwear

  1. Okay, first off I must say I TOO HATE THE WORD PANTIES. And go figure, my spouse thinks it’st he best thing ever *sigh*. I always call them underwear, always have. The word panties seems… almost dirty to me. I don’t know how to explain it. I just don’t like it.
    Anyway, glad you found some comfortable underwear! I am all over the “lace stretchy” side underwear from target. Anything that doesn’t dig into my hip fat and give me rolls!

  2. Nice new underoos! I think every pregnant person is in denial that they will have to buy new underwear just for pregnancy! I was for certain that I could just wear my trusty thongs the whole time…HELL NO. They’re so tight they start to disappear (gross). I just bought some regular full butt underwear that are 2 sizes bigger than what I usually wear just in case I don’t lose the weight and still need to feel like I’m wearing regular underwear.

  3. I have been successfully rocking the old style thermal underwear that have a long rise, under my overalls. They have been really comfortable. In fact, the long underwear/overalls combo is insanely comfortable. It’s a good thing I don’t have to show up at an office to do my work. But with the warm weather, I was back to my boxers, and I am finally in the same boat as you. I kept visualizing you with the scissors. So I’ll be following in your footsteps this weekend.

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