Welcome to the Third Trimester

In honor of making it to the third trimester I thought I would do a 28 week roundup. Another fabulous blog I follow, Kathryn Finding Fertility, does great weekly updates so I’ve taken a few of her categories.

How Far Along? 28 weeks as of 1/31/2013

Size of Baby: 2.5 lbs and about 15 inches


  • Hip pain. This mostly happens at night when I sleep on my side. Unfortunately, it’s so painful in the morning that it wakes me up, and causes me to limp around the first few hours of the day. I’m still trying different sleep and pillow configurations. I’ve also heard that getting some sort of extra mattress pad may help.
  • It might just be my imagination, but it seems like my chest has gotten a lot bigger this past month. This really stresses me out and is my LEAST favorite part of the pregnancy thus far. I still have some tissue left after top surgery, and I swear it’s multiplying by the day. So far it’s not enough to wear some sort of binder/light compression/sports bra thingy. At this point, I think it would take a lot for me to sacrifice comfort
  • Fatigue. I just don’t feel like I can do all the shit I want to get done, and between every chore or project, I feel like I need to sit down and rest. On a weekday, getting through a 2 hour commute and 8 hour workday pretty much does me in.

Movement: As you know, C felt Falco move for the first time last week! That was fun and really exciting. I’ve noticed some sleep/wake patterns and am feeling lots of movement all day (and night).

Food cravings: Still obsessed with citrus and tomatoes. Even the resulting heartburn from all these acidy things isn’t enough to deter me! lol. And french fries. But not just any fries, the thick cut, potato wedge kind from Red Robin—that’s the only kind I want.

Clothes: I feel like I have a pregnancy uniform (especially during the work week). 3 button down shirts, 2 v-neck sweaters, and one lone polo shirt that I’m still able to squeeze into. Black pants, navy pants, khaki pants–repeat. To be honest I’m kinda bored of the wardrobe. On the weekend I’ll pull out some favorite old t-shirt that I haven’t worn for months and wear it about, pretending it still fits.

Ring: I can still wear my wedding band if I’m a little cold. Does that count? I’ve pretty much stopped wearing it because I’m anxious it will get stuck if I get overheated (which happens frequently throughout the day).

Belly Button: Shallower and shallower by the day. Any bets on if/when it will become an outie?

Sleep: Okay, aside from the hip pain. I do roll from side to side A LOT and wake up twice per night to pee.

Doctor Appointments: Because this pregnancy is going so well and is so average, we get to postpone moving to every 2 week OB visits for another month. (C and I find this really funny–that the pregnant dude is having a textbook pregnancy). Our next appointment is on Feb. 19th. After that, we’ll switch over to two week visits for weeks 32, 34, and 36. Then we’ll go every week from 36 weeks on. This is very standard; however, since our OB’s office is 45 minutes away, the once a week visits are going to be a pain in the butt.


10 thoughts on “Welcome to the Third Trimester

  1. wow, you are 28 weeks already !!!
    sadly all the energy you felt on the second trimester will be replaced with an absurd nee to chill and take it easy … but on the flip side you are getting so close to holding falco in your arms!!!!
    What are your thought about paternity leave? Until when will you be working? I worked until 3 weeks before my due date and during those last weeks I was sooooo tired and fed up 🙂

    • I just met with our HR person this week to get the rest of the info about leave. Thankfully I work at a large university and they offer pretty good benefits. I get 6 weeks paid time off after the birth and then plan on taking all my remaining vacation time (which I’ve been saving for almost 2 years). I think I will have about 4-5 weeks vacation by the time Falco is born. So that’s about 11 weeks paid hopefully. I could take more time off, but it would be unpaid, and would be challenging for C and I.

      My plan is to work right up until I deliver or until it’s pretty much unbearable. I don’t have a lot of sick time left so I can’t take much time off before the birth. I am just hoping that I can hang in there as long as possible. I think the worst thing will be the commute (since I drive 2 hours everyday.)

  2. I love this update! 🙂 Kudos on the textbook pregnancy! Okay, I’m placing a bet that in 4 weeks your belly button will pop out.
    As far as the chest growth, I can imagine how that would be disturbing (it’s disturbing for me and you know, I want to have breasts). But I do hear that it goes down afterward so I am hopeful that will happen for you.
    I hear you with the pants thing for work. I have kacki, gray, black, and jeans. I wear them every week. I am afraid my belly may not fit into my black ones after another few weeks. They stretch a lot but they’re not like the super loose panel kind of pants. Anyhow, I’m totally ready to just be at home in yoga pants all day for a month.
    Let’s just hope your work clothes make it for another 12 weeks!

    • I know, I also worry about some of my clothes making it to the 8th and 9th month. A friend of mine says it gets real depressing when your maternity clothes no longer fit!

      • Oh my goodness, the number of times we washed those last few maternity shirts that fit all the way through week 42…well, it was almost as often as the diaper laundry we do now.

        Congrats on the third trimester. Enjoy your time with C!

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on entering the third trimester! My belly button has never popped out of three pregnancies… it just gets really shallow, and I have big babies too. Like 8 pounds.
    Good luck in the upcoming weeks! Not much longer now.

    • Kim, this is encouraging! I have this really weird thing about my belly button. i don’t really like it or don’t like anyone else to touch it. In fact, I like to pretend it’s not there. LOL So an outie would creep me out!!

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