Rounding third

Please excuse the weird baseball metaphor. I don’t even really LIKE baseball.

We’re officially in our third trimester, as K recently wrote. I’ve noticed a significant shift in him as we reached this milestone, mostly as it relates to energy. Just getting ready for work in the morning seems to wear him out. Once we reach 9:30 at night, at least an hour earlier than usual for him, he’s immediately out like a light switch. The other night, we sat down to watch the first episode of the new season of Project Runway (his choice from the DVR), and just as the contestants were given their first challenge, I heard K snoring. I quietly asked, “Do you want me to stop the show?” He mumbled, “I’m watching it…” “Through your eyelids?!” I challenged. He continued snoring, so I stopped the show and watched something else.

Meanwhile, I’ve been nesting like a madwoman. I installed a diaper sprayer that our friends gave us in just under 5 minutes (it would have been closer to 3, but K had to pee in the middle of the project). I spent the majority of last weekend washing and organizing secondhand clothes that we’d secured, then on Monday, a random day off I’d planned for myself, I focused on washing and prepping cloth diapers. The cloth diaper preparations continued into the work week when I discovered that some of the secondhand prefolds we secured seriously needed to be stripped to remove detergent buildup. On my fifth rinse cycle, our washing machine stopped working. Yes, dear readers, I nested so hard that I broke our washing machine. Thankfully, the homeowner is willing to replace the washing machine and the rental management company is ordering us a new one this week, just in time for me to resume nesting.

In the last week, we secured the date of our friends shower, which will be just six days before the shower for our family. Our dear friends who are hosting selected the most adorable elephant evite theme and sent out the electronic invitations on Wednesday. Within 48 hours, all but two invitees had responded and 20 people are coming! It feels a bit overwhelming to have received such an immediately enthusiastic response, but it warms my heart to know that our little one is being born into such a loving community. The low-key friends shower will, I hope, put us in a more relaxed frame of mind in preparation for the less anticipated family shower later that week.

So much excitement is waiting on the horizon. I can’t believe how fast it’s all going!


One thought on “Rounding third

  1. I love the nesting phase. When Andrea I first decided to have a baby we went into prenesting – knitting all the things we could in order to be ready. We are now moving rooms around and renovating to get ready for baby – all in the name of nesting, and we aren’t even pregnant yet!

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