Interesting pregnancy topic for Fat Tuesday

Prune-filled paczki as a seasonal remedy for pregnancy-related constipation:


4 thoughts on “Interesting pregnancy topic for Fat Tuesday

  1. lol I had to google it. No idea what a paczkis is. I would say it depends on how much prune is in there. I’ve been celebrating today with some delicious chocolatey fiber one bars and also some dove dark chocolate. mmmmmm dopamine released in the brain. I want more!

  2. I love this because I LOVE paczkis but hardly ever get them because we don’t have a big polish community but last night there was a box at our local grocery! I was so excited and made us buy some even though I’m kinda feeling too nauseous to eat them. We got strawberry but I wholly approve of the prune filled variety for the aforementioned medicinal purposes.

  3. Why did I googled this?

    Now I feel cheated.

    Here in the UK we celebrated “pancake day” yesterday … and it wasn’t like “fluffy american pancakes” it more like “crepes” day … not very filling … I WANT TO CELEBRATE FAT TUESDAY EATING PACZKIS !!!!

    So unfair!

    just looking and the pics, I can absolutely see paczkis’ theurapetical properties during pregnancy and .. dare I say … beyond!!

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