Lately, I’ve noticed K sleeping on his back more frequently, which, at this stage of the game is generally frowned upon. When I told him I’d noticed this happening, he sheepishly admitted that he thinks it’s because he no longer has the momentum, with his growing belly, to roll from one side to the other. I said, “Awwwww! You’re like a turtle who gets stuck on his back and can’t flip his shell over!”

As a way to eliminate any potential stigma from this recent phenomena, we have since lovingly referred to it as “turtling.” Now, when I notice him on his back while he sleeps, I gently say, “Bean, you’re turtling.” He quietly fusses but finds his way onto his side to resume slumbering, which he is doing right now while I write this post. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore this man?


4 thoughts on “Turtling

  1. He’ll be doing the rotisserie chicken the rest of the pregnancy! Right left right left right left…then maybe a little on the back turtling! I find myself sleeping on my back when I just can’t get comfortable but I try to only do it when I’m desperate…the baby kicks like crazy so I know nothing is up usually! Oh how I miss sleeping face down!

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