Everyday Heterosexism, an update

If you recently read about the heterosexist poll I received in an Everyday Family weekly pregnancy email, you might be interested to hear that I received a response to my complaint about the exclusionary language:

Hi C,
Thank you for your communication to EverydayFamily (www.everydayfamily.com).

Thank you for your feedback. We have updated this poll within our email and site to read ‘partner’ rather than husband.

Thank you for your membership,

Member Services

They really did change it, too. How do I know? For some reason, they send me emails at the beginning and the ending of each week. The change is documented below:

No longer heterosexist!

Now, this action and response doesn’t address every exclusionary issue at-hand with their original poll language, it’s a definite improvement. It’s also an important reminder that expressing what doesn’t work for you or your family and speaking out against exclusion and injustice sometimes, though not always, yields results.


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