I know it’s normal to experience the distraction of nesting during a mom-to-be’s third trimester, but I never thought that this would extend to non-gestational moms-to-be! While we’re gearing up for a very large event at work, there is a small lull right now, during which all I want to do is:

  • Prep the remainder of our cloth diapers, now that the new washing machine arrived yesterday.
  • Work on decor for baby Falco’s room.
  • Talk, daydream, G-chat, Facebook, text and/or blog about the baby.
  • Sleep.
  • Watch tv.
  • Conduct other miscellaneous Falco-related tasks.
  • Sleep some more.

K says that I am way more distracted than he is, which is true and strange, considering that he’s the one carrying the baby. Have others gone through this and how did you cope? I could really use some advice here!

9 thoughts on “Distracted!

  1. I think it absolutely extends to all moms to be! I think I became more worried (though that’s not the best word – intense? unfocused? not sure…) as the due date came closer while she mellowed out. Waiting and preparing for RR was very much the focus of my days. Revel in it – it’s a totally unique experience.

  2. In class I keep re-making the list of things to buy, things to do… and we haven’t even finished the last bit of foster stuff this month! I could spend hours googling, reading about, oggling baby clothes, (which I do on my lunch!)… I think it’s okay to be excited… maybe biologically it also serves a purpose, giving you an extra shot of adrenaline that you’ll need when you are missing those few hours of sleep!

  3. Before our first was born (when I was in shoes most analogous to yours), I completely reorganized our house top to bottom. Just the other day I needed some obscure piece of hardware, and went to the nice little set of drawers with all the hardware I somehow thought needed to be completely organized before her birth. It was really easy to find, so the efforts may pay dividends for some time! (I did baby-specific preparations too, but the drive to organize everything before she came was very strong…I also completely filled our freezer and pantry. We could have eaten for about 6 months without leaving the house…my lovely pregnant wife mostly slept while I was doing all of this)

    • BAHAHAHAHAHA! I love this so much. It’s really quite eerily similar to what’s going on at our place. I stayed up well beyond midnight (which is really late for me) last Friday night, assembling the crib. When I emerged, triumphant and wanting praise, K was sound asleep on the couch with our dogs. I, of course, took a photo of them.

  4. I am experiencing this too. I’m feeling a bit paralyzed because I work at home, so I could spend my days doing that if I wanted to, but all of the work I am trying to get done in the next month would be catastrophically undone. But also, I am pretty tired of February gloom and cold, and that is ruining my concentration for work. The big thing, though, is that I am officially over being pregnant, and I just got to the most disruptive part. Ten more weeks of this?!? Somehow, it feels like if I get all the nesting done, the baby will cook faster. Some days 10 weeks seems like not enough time, and other days it seems like far too long.

    Also, I’m pretty sure N. feels the same way as you.

  5. Oh my god am I feeling this, as an NGP. Right now I’m caffeine deprived and irritable, and all I want to do is sleep, at least until April. But I know if I had some caffeine in my system I’d start obsessing about the baby stuff.

  6. Oh thank you for this. I love reading when the NGP’s get those happy normally only reserved for pregnancy hormones. The fact that you are feeling all nesty is awesome to me, and gives me hope.

    I cant give any advice as I am not there yet, but yay! So close for you guys!

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