Holy $#%@!!!

While getting closer to the birth of your little one, did you have those “holy [expletive]” moments where the impending arrival of your baby suddenly washed over you like a dizzying wave? K and I have been having those a LOT lately.

This morning, in a moment of grogginess, K realized that we’re officially 32 weeks pregnant and that the ~4 lb. baby that he’s carrying will soon be here. He also recently checked one of our baby registries, which lists a countdown to our due date and had one of those “ACK!” moments.

He doesn’t envy my daily reality. The largest fundraiser of the year (think of planning an annual wedding for approximately 500 people, only it also includes auctions, raffles, etc.) is, quite literally, the day before our anticipated due date. I’m using new software this year to help streamline our planning and execution, but this software comes with an unfortunate daily reminder of how much time I have left before the world considers me a mother. Whenever I open the program, I see the following:

countdown to Falco

There is NO WAY to disable this feature (and trust me, I have thoroughly researched it). I thought it was scary when it said “109 days to go,” but this less than two months thing? ACK! The days have been rapidly dwindling and it’s freaking me out a little bit. I know we’re fairly prepared, but STILL!

What heart-pounding about-to-meet-baby moments of realization have you experienced?


5 thoughts on “Holy $#%@!!!

  1. I definitely had a freak out moment today when I realized that NEXT MONTH I’ll have two babies at home. As much as I’m ready to not be pregnant, I am totally not prepared for them to actually be here!

    I don’t envy you having two big due dates right next to each other!

  2. I have been feeling like that a lot lately. I was supposted to be induced last Thursday, and all day it was like omg this is the day I will ever be pregnant, and omg in like 24 hours I`ll be holding my baby…. It`s a crazy. Except the induction never happened and I am STILL pregnant!! Now everyday is hospital visits and wondering if today will be the day. It`s kind of torture.

    Try and enjoy the time the you have left just the two of you. Even tho your so busy with work, try to take sometime and just go enjoy each other. Sometimes I miss just being able to go out to dinner with DH or to a movie spur of the moments.

  3. My wife had one of those moments when she bought milk with an expiration date after her due date. I had one when a friend whose due date was after ours had her baby (before our due date).

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