Still sick

While several of my symptoms have improved, I am still sick. The cold/flu has officially turned into a sinus infection. I had a regularly scheduled doctor’s appointment today, so it was a good opportunity to get a prescription for well-needed antibiotics. I started a five-day round of the meds, so hopefully, there’s a significantly lessened risk of me infecting well-wishers at our friends shower on Sunday.

I still feel like hell on toast, though. I blew my nose this morning and felt so dizzy from the congestion moving all around in my head that I had to sit down and forego my daily hair styling regimen. I am quite grateful for no longer going through about a box of Kleenex each day. My poor little nose was getting all chapped and flaky from the constant blowing and wiping!

I really just need to feel like myself again. I have too much going on at work and at home, and this illness is being extraordinarily intrusive. At least it has given me an opportunity for some snuggle time with K.

Thanks for putting up with my complaints!


5 thoughts on “Still sick

  1. I know how miserable sinus infections are so you have my sympathy. I hope you fell better soon!
    Oh, and don’t forget, lots of fluids! 🙂

  2. UGH! Us too!!! It’s terrible!!! I had one a couple of months ago and it took triple the time to get over it as I’m used to, and somehow I have another freakin one!!! Apparently pregnant immune systems suck!!! Feel better soon!!!

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